My PhD Dissertation online

I defended my PhD thesis* in January, and decided it would be nice to put it online in HTML format. I have posted it here. The PDF is available via France’s open science portal HAL.

Heberger, Matthew. 2024. Improved observation of the global water cycle with satellite remote sensing and neural network modeling. PhD thesis. Sorbonne University, Paris, France.

My research had to do with using remote sensing data to describe the water cycle at the global scale, and explored methods to improve these data. There have been quite a few studies on this subject in the last several years, but we did a few things differently, namely using a much larger database of observations than previous studies, and using neural network models with some unique features. A few members of my committee said found my writing “pedagogic” and plan to share certain parts with their students. I hope that it is of some use to students or others interested in hydrology and remote sensing.

The PDF is formatted nicely and better for print. But the web version is nicer to read on a wider range of devices. It can also be resized or reformatted for easier reading. (When I’m reading long online documents, I like to use Firefox’s reader view.)

I used Latex and Overleaf to prepare the manuscript. I was hoping that it would be straightforward to convert to HTML. Unfortunately, it was not! I used the software pandoc to convert the document, but it required a lot of manual cleanup. Please let me know if you see any weird formatting or typos!

* In the US, it is customary to talk about a Master’s thesis, and a PhD dissertation. Under the British educational system, it’s the opposite. And in France, to obtain a doctoral degree, one writes une th├Ęse.